About Us

5th Peg has been producing elegant cribbage boards for more than a decade. We have shipped boards all over the US, Canada and to more than 17 foreign countries. 5th Peg cribbage boards are hand-made from attractively figured and colored hardwoods and finished to showcase their natural beauty.

5th Peg cribbage boards are made to last a life-time. Had John Suckling had one of these boards when he introduced the game of cribbage in the 1600’s it would probably still be playable today!

Unlike many competitive cribbage boards 5th Peg uses only solid hardwoods and solid 1/4” diameter brass or stainless steel pegs. Even the slide that encloses the pegs in the bottom of the board is made from hefty 1/16” thick aluminum. Consequently owners of these simply-elegant boards will never have to contend with broken pegs or holes that grow over-sized and ill-fitting with use. When you purchase a 5th Peg cribbage board you are purchasing an attractive, functional heirloom that can be passed on for generations.

To make cribbage-playing more enjoyable for all ages our holes are a comfortable, easy-to-see 1/4” in diameter. The 1 1/2” (length) pegs are specially made to solidly and easily seat in these boards. The ample spacing between holes makes it easy to peg without fear of displacing adjacent pegs.

What we have found over the years is that many of our sales are to previous customers. This is not because they are replacing their boards but are finding that these boards are an attractive, deeply appreciated gift for their cribbage playing friends and family. We value all of our customers and strive to provide world-class service as well as world- class products.

5th Peg cribbage boards have been designed by and through consultation with avid cribbage players and customers.

The 5th peg itself came about after trying many ineffective means of keeping track of score by ourselves and our cribbage playing friends. If you’ve ever tried to keep track of how many games you’ve won by collecting peanuts, matches or with marks on cocktail napkins you will appreciate having the 5th peg to keep track of the differential of games won.