Cribbage Scoring

Cribbage scoring is made up of two elements 1) Pegging during the play as outlined in Playing Cribbage and 2) counting of the hands which is discussed in the Counting Hands section.

After the play the non-dealer counts first adding up all the points in their hand including the cut card.

To help ensure that no points are missed and counting is done quickly we suggest the following convention:

1) Count all combinations of 15 first

2) Count runs next

3) Count pairs

4) Count flushes

5) Count the Jack of nobs

After the non-dealer counts their hand, the dealer counts their hand and then their crib.

The average hand in 2 player cribbage is 8. Delynn Colvert’s Rule of 29 says that after each player deals (counting 2 hands and 1 crib) you should expect to score 29 points. Considering 2 average hands total 16 points and the average crib is about 5 points (for a total of 21) you need to strive to peg at least 4 points each deal to achieve this norm.

Players need to be very cognizant of these norms when especially they get to 4th street since once a player gets within 25 points of going out they can be expected to do so in 2 deals and the better players will adjust their strategies for pegging and discarding according to their relative “position” on the board.

This information is provided for your use and enjoyment by 5th Peg