Continuous Track Boards

These unique new 2 Player 5th Peg boards have four streets for each player. The streets are labeled with inlaid engraved brass numbers at the top of the board and inlaid engraved brass directional arrows at the bottom of the board to clearly identify each players position. This layout makes playing a pleasure whether you are just learning the game or enjoy a little “attention deficit” conversation in the middle of a game.

These boards have ¼ inch diameter holes and come with 5 – ¼ inch diameter by 1 ½ inch long solid brass pegs. A custom made aluminum slide securely encases the pegs in a storage compartment in the bottom of the board. All boards have 5th Peg’s premium clear finishes and felt padded bases to protect your furniture from damage.

Select your 2 Player Continuous Track board from one of the two following styles:

Continuous Track Cribbage Boards

Walnut Continuous Track Board
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